About Us

Why Choose Fertility Match?

Selecting the right Agency to help you build your family is so important. This is one of the most important investments you will make in your life, and you need an organization that will represent your best interests and listen to all of your questions, concerns and challenges. Fertility Match provides unique solutions for your unique situation.

Our ownership team has extensive experience in the fertility sector and have been well recognized in the fertility industry for many years with many connections and working relationships with most of the fertility clinics in Canada. Our team brings a wealth of experience and compassion to deliver the most personalized services to Intended Parents and Donors.

The Fertility Match Difference

All of our Egg Donors are healthy, caring, educated women between the ages of 19 and 30.  All of the Donors who qualify for our program also have a true desire to help families in need. Our Donors continue to amaze us everyday with their giving attitudes, dedication to the journeys they choose, and trying their best to accommodate the ups and downs of what can often be a difficult process for them. We can honestly say the world is a better place with these amazing young women in it.

Fertility Match offers different pricing ranges for our Donors based on whether they are a new Donor, pre-screened Donor or proven Donor.  We ensure that Intended Parents who join our Program are receiving the best possible choices for their situation. We also have a strong focus on our Donors’ well-being and ensuring they are well treated and cared for through the process.  This helps ensure a positive experience for everyone involved!

Our Guiding Principles


We treat Intended Parents and Egg Donors with the utmost respect and compassion as we assist you in navigating your individual journeys.


We have been in your position. We know that by supporting you and facilitating the appropriate communication between all parties we will make this journey the very best it can be, for everyone.


We understand that you are putting your trust in us. We will always be transparent and professional, and act in the best interests of our clientele – Intended Parents and Egg Donors alike.


We will always be driven by integrity, honesty and impartiality when dealing each other, our clients and our partners in the reproductive field.

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