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Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Why Become an Egg Donor?


There are so many reasons women decide to become Egg Donors. Many of the women who come to us to donate know family and friends who have struggled to build their own families, and see the joy an Egg Donor has brought to their lives.

Many of our Donors have their own children and want to bring the happiness of family to others. Some are members of the LGBT community themselves, and want to help same-sex couples create their families.

Whatever their motivation to donate, our Egg Donors are driven by their own kindness and a desire to help other people. If this is you, we would be thrilled to have you in our program. Please read on for more information on our Egg Donation program!


Why Choose Fertility Match?

At Fertility Match, our first priority is to make your journey the best it can be. Egg donation is a wonderful gift that can help build a family. With the support of a caring egg donation agency like Fertility Match, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey for you too.

Becoming an Egg Donor is a commitment, and you definitely want to make sure you’re working with an agency that is committed to you in return. At Fertility Match, we understand the entire egg donation journey from your first point of contact with us to the day of your donation – and beyond. We’re fully committed to being there for you, every step of the way.

By signing up to donate to an aspiring family with Fertility Match, you are putting your trust and faith in us. To ensure that we can meet your expectations and ensure your journey is everything you hope it will be, we have developed our Core Values: Respect, Support, Trust and Integrity. It is our promise to you that we will always act in accordance with these values when working with you and representing you.

There are lots of agencies out there, but Fertility Match is one of a kind. I never felt out of the loop or taken advantage of.

I didn’t feel like just another Egg Donor to them. I felt like they were friends helping me throughout this process.


– A, Fertility Match Egg Donor

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