Frequently Asked Questions from our Intended Parents

Should I use an Egg Donor?

Some Intended Parents know from the start that they will need an Egg Donor. For others, the decision is more complicated. At Fertility Match, we work with anyone who requires an Egg Donor on medical recommendation, due to relationship status, sexual orientation, age, or other factors. We offer all Intended Parents a Free no-obligation phone consultation where we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing Egg Donation and help you make the decision that is right for you. 

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Is Egg Donation legal in Canada?

There is some confusion in Canada about whether Egg Donation is legal, and the answer is YES, egg donation IS legal in Canada!  It is illegal in Canada to pay a donor for her donation, however providing Donors with reimbursable expenses related to their donation is well within the law.  As a client of Fertility Match Canada, we manage ALL of the reimbursable expenses for the Donor to ensure that all the laws are followed properly.

So, while Egg Donation in Canada is legal, the laws are complicated and it’s important to be sure they are followed.   Contact us today to book Free consultation with our experienced Fertility Consultants to discuss any questions you have on the legalities of Egg Donation.

Do you work with all kinds of Intended Parents?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a family.  At Fertility Match, we work with all Intended Parents who are seeking an Egg Donor.  Whether its for medical reasons, age-related reasons, for single parents, or for same-sex couples, our Egg Donation program was built to help guide our clients to success.  Fertility Match is proud to have helped such a wide range of intended parents, and we are constantly amazed at their perseverance to build a family, no matter what their situation. 

How do you pick an Egg Donor?

Many Intended Parents look for an Egg Donor who resembles them physically. Others look for a Donor who has the same religious background as them, or who is from the same part of the world that they are. All Intended Parents look for a Donor who is kind, compassionate, and happy to help them build their family. Most of the Intended Parents at Fertility Match tell us that as soon as they read their Egg Donor’s profile, they knew she was the Donor for them!

At Fertility Match, we have spent years building Canada’s most advanced Egg Donor Database. When you contact Fertility Match about finding an Egg Donor, we will set you up with a Free account on our database so that you can read all about the individual Donors we have online. There are over 150 questions answered by the Donor and you can take time to find the one that you connect with most. Once the decision is made, we will sign you up to our program and we can start the testing and retrieval process from there. Contact us today to book your free consultation.

Will my Egg Donor know who I am?

As a matter of principle, Fertility Match holds firm in its belief that all Donors should be Semi-Anonymous Donors or Open-ID Donors, and therefore, this is a requirement in our Egg Donation Program. We believe that all person should eventually have the right to know where they came from.

What does this mean for you?  This means that you will not know the Donor’s identity, and the Donor will not know yours. However, any children born as a result of an Egg Donation through our program will be able to contact Fertility Match or their lawyer to access the identity of their Egg Donor once they turn 18, if they wish to do so.

All of the Donors in our program have agreed to meet any children that results from their donations at that time in the future. Donors are not able to reach out to any children born as a results of their donation. This process can only initiated by a child or children born from their donation.

Do I have to tell my child they were conceived through egg donation?

The vast majority of medical and psychological professionals agree that being honest with your child about their conception and genetic history is the best course of action. At Fertility Match, we believe in research-based practices, and the research shows that children who know from the beginning that they are Donor-conceived are healthier and happier than those who find out later in life. In our program, we emphasize the importance of telling your child about their genetic history.

While it is ultimately your choice whether you tell your child the truth, just know that the truth will eventually come out one day, whether through DNA testing such as 23andme.com or through sites such as Ancestry.com. By listening to professionals and following suggested best-practices, telling children early in life with love and support will almost always result in a more positive outcome. Telling the truth is rarely a bad idea!

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Is egg donation expensive?

It is important to note that there are many types of costs related to Egg Donation.  An egg donation journey usually costs between $30,000-$45,000, with only 10-20% of that going to Fertility Match for our consulting fees.

The costs associated with your specific journey will vary depending on some of the following factors: choosing a new or proven donor, which Clinic you choose to work with and what they charge, where your chosen Donor lives in Canada and how much does it cost for them to travel for up to 10 clinic appoints (i.e. if your clinic is in Toronto and your Donor is in Vancouver, your travel costs will be high).  There are also legal fees, medications and other expenses to consider. Overall, you should be prepared to spend $30,000 – $45,000 and have those funds available in full before signing on to any program.

At Fertility Match, we have a very detailed process we follow to ensure we prepare you ahead of time for the costs for your chosen Donor.  We manage all the reimbursable expenses for the Donor through a trust account. As your agency, we ensure we minimize such costs as travel and try to avoid an unnecessary expenses when possible.  Please remember that your chosen Donor is giving you a huge gift, and while our goal is to minimize your costs, we also have to take into account the Donor’s well-being while travelling as well.

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Does insurance pay for an Egg Donor?

Different insurance plans have varying coverage for fertility treatments. It is important to contact your individual provider to discuss your specific plan. There is some coverage at the provincial level depending on where you live; you can ask your clinic if there are any IVF coverage programs in your location.

Are there financing options for egg donation?

Yes, there are a number of different financing options for Egg Donation. Your clinic may be able to provide financing options for their fees, and Fertility Match has partnered with iFinance to provide you with financing options for your journey. 

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