What Our Clients Say

I can’t wait to help another family create their miracle!


Your team was so wonderful to work with, I appreciate how quick they got back to me when I had questions or concerns, and they comforted me during this entire journey.

I would definitely donate again, and have already asked to be back on the Fertility Match website to help another family create a miracle! Thank you for all that you ladies do and I look forward to working with you again!

J, Fertility Match Egg Donor

We would 100% recommend Fertility Match!

We are extremely happy with our wonderful experience using Fertility Match! We chose Fertility Match because the owners had personal experience with the process. Because of their firsthand knowledge and experience, they understand very well the anxieties and concerns of their clients. Their down to earth, warm and caring natures are evident as they work very hard to ensure a well-organized, thoughtful, and fully supported journey to parenthood! 

For us, we felt they really took the time to understand us, as well as the needs of our surrogate. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen and make changes and corrections to accommodate us were fantastic. They were always available when we needed their assistance, and went above and beyond our expectations in taking care of our mental and emotional well-being through this experience with care and sensitivity. 

It was clear from the start they knew what they were doing. They shepherded us through all the logistical and administrative hoops, kept track of every step and really helped us avoid unnecessary headaches along the way.

We felt we could truly trust their recommendations for other services such as the lawyers to draft our agreement, and for psychologists. We felt like we were treated with love and respect during this very personal activity and not just as a client in a business transaction. We would 100% recommend their services and use them again if we were ever to pursue another surrogacy journey.

J&H, Fertility Match Surrogacy Intended Parents

Fertility Match made me feel truly cared for!

I would rate my Fertility Match experience five stars!

I was an Egg Donor. The process was seamless. The collaboration between Fertility Match and the fertility centre were timely, caring and effective! I felt like a part of the team and as if this was something we were all going through together. Fertility Match made me feel cared about and that I was unique!

Thank you to all involved. I highly recommend Fertility Match and their Egg Donation Program.

A, Fertility Match Egg Donor

Fertility Match is the agency to trust!

We were 100% confident in our choice of Fertility Match. This wasn’t the only agency we contacted and what made us decide was that one first phone call. They were personable, encouraging and passionate, spoke from her own experience and it was clear she truly cared. 

We were so green with third-party reproduction and it was important to us to find a reputable agency we can trust. Fertility Match required that we submit a detailed Intended Parents profile and that made us feel that we and the connection with our potential Donor were taken very seriously. And true to that, the commitment was there all the way till the end.  We knew Fertility Match cared greatly about everyone involved in the process and that was important to us given the incredible selfless act of kindness our Donor was going to do for us.

We are physically located far from the Ottawa area, yet the distance didn’t make a difference as the entire process goes conveniently and efficiently with the help of technology. Fertility Match was only an email away and kept us very well informed in facilitating our connection with the Donor and everyone else involved. She connected us with other professionals experienced in the field of third-party reproduction who we needed along the way and who we could rely on. Fertility Match is truly the agency we could trust with this most important journey of our lives. Highly recommend and we are grateful for all the work that they do!

M&C, Fertility Match Egg Donation Intended Parents

I had an amazing egg donation experience with Fertility Match!

I had an amazing experience donating eggs with Fertility Match! I had been thinking about it in an abstract way for a couple of months. My brother-in-law is gay, and he and his partner have mentioned they would need help to start their eventual family given that they have zero ovaries between the two of them. I also know a few women who have had cancer treatments that left them needing an Egg Donor, so it was definitely on my radar. I found Fertility Match and after checking out their website, figured that this was probably the agency for me. I really liked their values and the emphasis they put on ethics. After my experience, I can confidently say I was totally right!

Everyone at Fertility Match was super supportive and knowledgeable about the whole donation process. I was only on their database for a few weeks before I was selected, and Fertility Match made sure that I had everything I needed throughout every stage of my donation. She even passed on messages from the Intended Parents who selected me throughout the whole process, which was really nice! When I started my medication, the staff gave me her personal phone number so I could reach her in the evening or on the weekend if I needed to. Even though my donation was taking place outside of my hometown, the Fertility Match team helped me organize all of my appointments and travel, so it was really easy for me to work around my job and personal life.

Fertility Match checked in with me all the time while I was taking the meds, just to make sure that everything was going ok. Fertility Match even sent me the most adorable care package full of chocolate and candy, which was so sweet! My procedure ended up being at a weird time and I had to stay overnight away from home, but when I told Fertility Match, they immediately found me a hotel to stay in and made sure that everything went smoothly the day of. I felt like everyone at Fertility Match really cared, not just about my health, but also about my overall experience, which I really appreciate! Overall, doing an egg donation with Fertility Match was a great experience and I couldn’t recommend them more for anyone considering it!

D, Fertility Match Egg Donor

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