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Why choose Fertility Match?

 The most important thing for us is to make your journey the best it can be. And it can be a wonderful and fulfilling journey with the right match and proper support from a caring company specialized in Fertility Consulting in Canada like Fertility Match.

Our founder needed an Egg Donor for her child, and our Director of Client Care had to go through IVF. We genuinely empathize from all perspectives and our primary goal as your Fertility Consultants is to make this an incredibly positive experience for all parties involved.

This is the advantage of working with us. Fertility Match is grounded in the belief that Intended Parents and Egg Donors should be optimally supported in their journey with compassionate, professional Fertility Consulting services in Canada to make families a reality, equally but in different ways.

To ensure we can deliver the level of Fertility Consulting in Canada that all parties deserve, we developed our Core Values: Respect, Support, Trust and Integrity. It is our promise to you that we will always act in accordance with these values when working with our clientele and partners.


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