Many young women find fulfillment in being an egg donor in Kingston couples who are having difficulty having or completing their families. Often the Intended Parents will hope to include the Egg Donor as part of the extended family unit. This is called being a Known Donor. It means that the Intended Parents and child, as well as the Donor, will all know each other and can create a unique relationship. Donors get to choose if this is something they are comfortable with or not. They can also be anonymous until a child born from the donation turns 18 years of age.

Here are some benefits of being a Known egg donor.

​​Relationship with the parents and potentially the child

Being a Known Donor means you may have the opportunity to keep in touch with the recipients and possibly the child. Sometimes this is through photographs or correspondence with the parents. Sometimes, the parents include electronic visits or physical meetings. It all depends on the desires of all the parties involved. These details will be worked out before the donation occurs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Acquire experience

For a woman who is generously becoming an Egg Donor but has no children of her own at this point, it can be a springboard to a parenting experience. Situations are very specific to all of the adults involved in the process. Each adult should meet with a counsellor and be presented by a lawyer to fully understand their rights and obligations before moving forward with a donation.

Personal fulfilment

Most potential parents have explored other options toward forming a family. They are incredibly appreciative of this selfless donation. They may express their gratitude in many different ways as they fulfill dreams of a complete family unit.

As an Egg Donor, you share in the joy and satisfaction of seeing your efforts come to life, literally. And knowing you made someone’s dream of a family come true.

Egg donation is not easy…

Known Egg Donation is not for everyone. If you prefer your level of involvement to stop at the end of egg retrieval, that is perfectly acceptable as well, as long as you are willing to update the agency about any medical or health issues that arise over the years and feel comfortable with your information being released to a child born from the donation after they turn 18 if the child wishes to have it.

…But it is worth it!

In case you are thinking about being an egg donor in Kingston, contact us and schedule a visit. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you through the process.