Fertility Clinics

Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic for You

As a courtesy to you in your research on the Fertility industry, we have created a list of Fertility Clinics in Canada, sorted by Province. Choosing the right Fertility Clinic is an important decision and we recommend that you do some research to find the one that you are comfortable with.

Fertility Match Canada has strong relationships with many Fertility Clinics in Canada and we can guide your decision based on your situation. Contact us today for a Free Consultation to discuss the process to become an Intended Parent in our Program and how we might be able to help. There are no costs or obligation to speak with us.

Best of luck in your research on Fertility Clinics in Canada!


Ontario Network of Experts in Fertility
Victory Reproductive Care

Newlife Fertility Centre

Quebec – Clinics


Sagamie Hospital


Procrea Fertility Gatineau


McGill Reproductive Centre

Montreal Fertility Center

Originelle Fertility Clinic

Clinique OVO

Quebec City

Procrea Fertility Quebec City


University of Sherbrooke Hospital


Procrea Cliniques


University of Quebec Hospital

Saskatchewan – Clinics


ARTUS Fertility Centre

Aurora Reproductive Care

Prince Edward Island – Clinics 

Prince Edward Island Fertility Centre

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