Heather Brooks, RN


I was 20 years old when I first saw on the news that Louise Brown, had been born into the world as the first IVF baby ever.  At the time I was a nursing student and I was fascinated with the new technology of IVF, but never thought that I would have to use that same technology to conceive my son 15 years later. After that experience, I was filled with a passion to help others that had to build their family using Assisted Reproductive Technologies. I have felt so privileged to be a part of other’s lives on such a personal level and to help them build their families as I know the joy that you experience after the intense journey of infertility.


Heather is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Reproductive Medicine since 1994 and brings a unique perspective to her role as she has also been a patient while she and her husband had their son through IVF process.

In 1994, Heather started as a Clinic Manager of The York Region Fertility Clinic for 12 years until she purchased it in 2006. She renamed it Northern Reproductive Therapies and was successful in providing basic infertility treatments to her local community until 2011 when the clinic was sold.

As a result of new Health Canada Semen Regulations coming into effect, Heather started Outreach Health Services in 1999. As an importer and distributor of human donor semen she worked with many of the world’s largest sperm banks. During the 20 years of its operations, providing a warm and caring environment, Heather worked very closely with her clients to assist them in the selection of an appropriate donor.

Heather has been an active member of the CFAS since first joining in 1995 and was the Chair of the Nursing Special Interest Group through the Canadian Andrology and Fertility Society for 10 years. She has also acted as Project Manager for 3 new IVF clinics.

Heather has always considered it a privilege to work with clients on this very personal level, and believes they deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity and transparency.  She believes that counselling and support services are very important components to patients embarking on their fertility journey and is happy to have joined Fertility Match Canada as a patient resource where she can continue using her years of experience assisting clients utilizing egg donors to create their families.

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