For both same-sex and heterosexual couples, third-party reproduction can make creating a family unit possible. The most common third-party reproduction methods are egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy. When Intended Parents are not able to become pregnant on their own, they may turn to fertility clinics and an Egg Donor agency to find the right donor for them. Egg Donation agencies match fresh Egg Donors with aspiring parents.

The Intended Parent(s) use various methods to decide on the Donor. Some will look at the racial or genetic background of the Donor in order to make their decision, some may spend more time on the words the Donor writes in her profile. In the long run, the potential parents should feel comfortable and confident in their choice. They need to trust the agency and fertility centres they choose to work with.

Here are some tips for choosing the right Egg Donor for you:


Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect Egg Donor. Other times, the Intended Parent(s) find an Egg Donor right away. Multiple Donor Profiles are available on the database so that the recipient(s) can make the best decision possible for them.


No one is perfect, and it is unlikely you will find an Egg Donor that encompasses all the characteristics you are looking for. Create a list of non-negotiable traits and then be willing to adjust your expectations for the rest. Most potential parents look at the following:


Do you want the child to look like one or both of you? If so, concentrate on those physical resemblances.


Sometimes it is important that the child is of the same heritage as one or both of the partners. You can expect to wait longer for certain minority groups.


If high intelligence is important, then look for someone who has done well in in terms of their education or career. If you want a child who is adaptable to change, perhaps someone who has travelled extensively and enjoys challenges. The same goes for artistic abilities.

An important thing to remember though is that even for parents who conceive naturally, there is no guarantee that the child will take after their parent. Same goes with the Egg Donor you select. You just never know. But we promise, you will love your child no matter what!

Medical Assessment

The fertility clinic will conduct a number of physical tests as well as counselling session with the Egg Donor you select. Fertility Match requires that Donors be non-smoking, free of any STDs or illegal drug use. All of our qualifying criteria for Donors can be found at: https://www.fertilitymatch.ca/qualifications/.


Potential parents need to decide in advance whether the egg donation will be Semi-anonymous/Open-ID Donor or Known Donor. Not all Egg Donors are open to being Known Donors. Each of these types of relationships have an impact on the family that is created as well as the Donor. Be sure to discuss this with your fertility doctor and counsellor. The degree of contact will vary depending on the decision of the parties. Your counsellor can share tools and resources about how and when to talk about Donor conception with your child or children.