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Intended Parents


Your process starts here! Please feel free fill out this form; once we receive it, we will reach out to help book you a call to discuss our program. On that call, we will discuss the individual circumstances that have led you to exploring egg donation with Fertility Match.

Then, we will go over the details of our Egg Donation Program as they would apply to your situation and review the program costs. We will also get you set up on our Egg Match database on this call, so you can start looking at profiles right away! After your call, you will need to fill out the Intended Parents Application form.



Once you select an Egg Donor, we will invoice you for all fees and trust amounts for the donation and send you the Fertility Match Intended Parent Egg Donation Program contract. Once the contract has been signed, we will begin working with agreed upon clinic to complete the Donor’s screening.

Once your selected Egg Donor has been medically cleared, we will schedule counselling sessions for both you and your Donor to ensure that everyone is emotionally ready for this process. Once the counselling reports come in and are approved, we will refer your Donor to her lawyer and begin the legal process. Once the legal contracts are in place, your donation cycle can begin! We will manage your Donor’s appointments, travel arrangements, and reimbursable expenses throughout this process.

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Contact us today for a Free Consultation with a Fertility Expert to discuss your interest in becoming an Intended Parent. There are no costs and no obligation to speak with us!