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Egg Donation Reimbursement Explained

Egg Donation

Reimbursable Expenses

Fertility Match Donors are reimbursed for all donation related expenses they incur up to $8000, plus additional travel costs to and from the clinic you are working with. Donation related expenses include, but are not limited to, healthy groceries leading up to and during your donation, child or pet care for donation related appointments, medications, feminine hygiene products, and lost wages. You will need to keep track of these expenses throughout your donation in the log sheet we will provide to you.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed throughout your egg donation; all other expenses will be reimbursed after your donation once you have submitted your 12-week expense log to one of our program coordinators. We recommend that you keep receipts relating to your donation-related expenses for at least one year after your donation!

“I have no words to explain how satisfying and exciting it feels to know that you are helping someone make a family.”

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