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Egg Donor D:


D first heard about egg donation from her brother-in-law; he mentioned that he and his partner would someday need an Egg Donor to have a family, since they were a same-sex couple. She thought about it occasionally for a while, and eventually reached out to Fertility Match to ask some more questions. She loved the emphasis that the team put on ethics and reading more about their values made her realize that Fertility Match was the right choice for her! 

D eagerly filled out her application and waited a few weeks before being selected by Intended Parents. She was originally worried about the clinic being about four hours away from her home but was committed to the donation process and knew she would be able to make it work.

“The Fertility Match team really helped with organizing my travel and appointments, so it was actually easy to work around my job and personal life!” – Egg Donor D

The night before the procedure was nerve-wracking, but D was so excited to be able to help someone like her brother-in-law build their family. Her procedure and recovery went well, and she felt so supported throughout her donation!

“The staff even gave me her personal phone number and checked in with me all the time while I was taking medications. Fertility Match even sent me the cutest care package during my donation! I couldn’t recommend them more to anyone thinking about donating eggs.”


Egg Donor D

Egg Donor F:


F is n nurse, so she is intimately familiar with the struggles that many patients go through – both during their treatment and the struggles they face afterwards. She also had several friends and family members who had their own issues conceiving. F wanted to do even more than she does every day at work to help people facing these struggles, and as soon as she heard about egg donation after having three of her own children, she began looking into it!

She had so many questions throughout the process – and that’s exactly what Fertility Match is there for! While F was slightly overwhelmed at first, since the Intended Parents who selected her were out of her home province, she was so thrilled with the level of support provided by the entire Fertility Match team.

F’s donation went smoothly out of her home province with her husband and children supporting her, and her heart was so full of love for the family she had helped – even though she didn’t know who they were. She was so happy to have given a family the love that she had in her own children.

“It can be a complicated process, but it was made so exciting and much easier with the help of Liz and the rest of the team! I cannot
thank these women enough for the phenomenal work they do.”

Egg Donor F

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