Parent Success


When G&D first started thinking about having children, they wondered who’s nose the little one would have; if he would inherit his mom’s big brown eyes or if she would get her dad’s height. Six intra-uterine inseminations and four in-vitro fertilization cycles later, G&D welcomed their beautiful little girl into their family, against the odds and surprising several of their doctors. Their little girl brought so much light into their lives that within a few years, they knew their family was ready and waiting for another tiny human. After their previous experience, G&D decided to look into egg donation.

“We were older, and more comfortable with egg donation. We realized we didn’t look at our child and see 50% G and 50% D, but 100% of her own amazing person.” – IPs G&D

After speaking with Fertility Match and viewing the Egg Match database, G&D saw a profile they connected with immediately. A few months after finding their Donor and going through the medical and psychological screening, and legal procedures, it was time for the donation. The intended parents were nervous and excited throughout her donation cycle; how was she feeling, was the medication working?

Everything went perfectly on retrieval day. After their Donor’s successful retrieval, G&D transferred a healthy five-day embryo, and experienced another wonderful pregnancy. One year after finding their Donor, they now have a beautiful, healthy baby in their arms, and they are so happy with their family!


Intended Mom C knew from the beginning that she would need an Egg Donor to help her build her family; she lost her ovaries in an accident as a teenager. When she met Intended Dad L, it was love at first sight! Over the years, they have grown together as a couple, and always intended to start growing as a family as soon as they could. After supporting each other through the many tests and procedures that fertility treatment involves, they knew they were ready to embark on the next part of their journey together and select their Egg Donor!

After speaking with Fertility Match, C&L registered for the Egg Donor Database right away and started browsing through Donor profiles that very night. Almost immediately, they saw a woman who bore a striking resemblance to C. They clicked into her profile a bit nervously; what if she wasn’t a fit for some reason? Reading through her answers, they saw that family was the most important thing in her life; that she wanted to bring someone else the love that she already experienced every day. They knew she was the one.

Their Donor was so excited to be selected and help someone build their family! Her screening went well, and medical clearance was received almost immediately. C&L were so nervous and excited throughout her stimulation, checking in with Fertility Match almost every day to make sure that she was doing ok. On the morning of the retrieval, they were thrilled to hear of great results and created embryos right away.

With the help of an incredible Gestational Surrogate, C&L enjoyed an uncomplicated pregnancy, and now have their beautiful baby in their arms!

“Fertility Match is amazing – you guys really go above and beyond to always make us feel so special!” –


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