You may conclude that your sperm, eggs, or embryos must be transferred from one place to another during your fertility journey. The method of cryo-shipping is to ship the frozen material safely. Whether you want to ship your embryos from one clinic to another or you want to ship your embryos to another country for fertility treatment, cryo-shipping is an excellent option. There are many reasons why people may opt for cryo-shipping. If you are considering doing the same and fertility consulting in Canada can help you understand the process of cryo-shipping and how it works. A fertility expert can also tell you about any legalities involved in shipping your fertility material to another country. In this article, we will discuss cryo-shipping and why so many people choose this process.

What Is Cryo-shipping

Cryo-shipping refers to the safe transportation of cryopreserved materials. For example, people on a surrogacy journey might sometimes find themselves in situations that require them to move their sperm, eggs or embryos from one place to another. These materials are cryo-preserved/cryo-conserved by cooling to very low temperatures of about −80 °C using solid carbon dioxide or −196 °C using liquid nitrogen. Cryo-preservation helps to stop the enzymatic or chemical activity which might cause damage to your sperm, eggs or embryos. 

Your fertility consultant can help you find a reputable courier specializing in cryo-shipping. 

When Is Cryo-shipping A Good Idea? 

There are many reasons for which you can find it necessary to cryo-ship your sperm, eggs, or embryos. 

Cryo-shipping may be a good idea if:

  • You want to try another IVF clinic after multiple failed IVF cycles at one clinic.
  • Moving your sperm, eggs or embryos to another location will save you substantial money.
  • Your gestational surrogate is unable to travel to your preferred IVF clinic for reasons such as fear of flights, work or family commitments, among others.
  • Your egg donor is unable to travel to your preferred IVF clinic. The eggs can be retrieved at a clinic near her and then cryo-shipped to your fertility clinic.
  • Your storage time limitation has expired at your current storage facility. It would be a good idea to move them to another facility.
  • If you are shifting to another country or place and wish to have your sperm, eggs, or embryos moved to a place of your convenience.

If you wish to move your sperm, eggs or embryos during your surrogacy journey, talk to Fertility Match to help you find a reputable courier specializing in cryo-shipping.